Fanny S 💕: ASMR bloopers 😱😂 #short #shorts #by.fannys


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41 thoughts on “Fanny S 💕: ASMR bloopers 😱😂 #short #shorts #by.fannys

  1. Your skin is gorgeous, It’s so clear and shiny! Good for you for putting that much effort to make yourself look even more beautiful.💗💗

  2. Could you do your skincare in abc order, pls
    Also your so pretty and your videos are really fun to watch🤩

  3. Girl i started using a sponge to wash my face bc of your videos and over the last three weeks my acne has been going away 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @Bill the under the skin pimples, at least for me, are mainly hormonal. That’s where the water and diet come into play, make sure you’re getting vitamins.
      The Clearasil wipes are a lifesaver for those pimples and they feel really relieving to apply to the painful ones.
      Also, if you wear makeup, try and get a green color correcting powder and it minimizes the redness

    2. @i like alex wolff okay cool! Could you send me a link to some clearasil wipes you recomend..? I dont wear makeup, want to, but to afraid to ask my mom😓

    3. @Bill hey, ive tried sending the links through a reply two times but youtube isnt allowing links to be sent rn for some reason :/

  4. Hey! Love your channel so much and ahhhh it’s just so satisfying! I’ve literally been watching ur videos all morning😂 Your skin is gorgeous!

  5. It really got me when the foam started falling and you tried to catch it with your mouth. Love your Chanel by the way❤❤

  6. LOL I’m wheezing 😂 it’s kinda hard to believe how this girl messes up when her videos are so perfect

    1. @Елена Грузинова obviously they are stages lol I’m just saying it’s hard to believe that she actually has bloopers when her videos look so perfect

    2. ​@Елена Грузиноваidk bro. Maybe I’m just sleep deprived (which I am.) But I dont think anyone would break a nail for a fake video-

  7. Your videos are so relaxing! I love watching them and could honestly watch them all day and not get bored. Your skin is so pretty and your videos are so aesthetic! Thank you for posting these great things! ❤

  8. POV : no one know she’s french
    T démasqué Fanny 😂

    Edit : Mama im famous !! 👁👄👁✨️

  9. Omg this was really funny I can’t!!!! 😂
    I always thought her videos were always perfect but it’s nice to know what really happens 😂

  10. You skin is gorgepus, It’s so clear and shiny! Good for you for putting that much effort to make yourself look even more beautiful.💗💗


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