Fanny S 💕: ASMR BLOOPERS 😱 #bloopers #fail #bloopersasmr #asmrfail #asmr #short #shorts #by.fannys


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34 thoughts on “Fanny S 💕: ASMR BLOOPERS 😱 #bloopers #fail #bloopersasmr #asmrfail #asmr #short #shorts #by.fannys

  1. quit banging the ice globes you know what’s gonna happen already 💀

    1. She wanted to break the blue ones and-(Bangs Ice Globes together like it’s nothing, breaks them,(😮😮😮😮

    2. FR- her: *Smashing them together* 🤭🔮 *they break*
      Also her:👁️👄👁️👉👈 *oops*💔
      (No hate)

  2. Next thing you know she is so mad she keeps breaking her glass things she took her rage out on other people’s glass things 🤣

  3. Bro alr knows when those glass things are gonna hit and she’s still like “👁️👄👁️” “oH nOoOo”

  4. I swear, she either wants to beat the Chrissy wake up out of something, eat it, or accidentally ruin something in these bloopers 💀💀


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