43 thoughts on “THE BEST MOVIE BLOOPERS!! #Shorts

  1. The JJ scene I was laughing so hard me and my brother were like that definitely wasn’t on propose😂

    1. @A Dino Named Effix he obviously didn’t mean that he meant to say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis duh

    2. @Froggy no no its pnuenopeepeealopiciayourmomisapersonmixedwirhalopiceayouramfafdrakeisgay

  2. Yeah he did not expect to actually get hit, but he played it off, not all a genuine reaction, he adapted it. In acting classes it’s commonly told that if you mess up always try to recover if possible don’t just pull yourself out of the scene, only stop acting on “cut”

  3. 0:29
    You can also see Ed Norton bring his hand to his face to laugh…that made the cut as well.
    Also, the scene w/ Marla and Tyler apparently made the cameraman laugh and you can almost see the screen shake.
    …If you can’t tell, I love ”Fight Club.”

  4. **all these people trying to pull the table cloth with nothing falling**
    **Jim carrey trys to make everything fall nothing falls**
    So if u want it to fall than it won’t fall but if you want it to not fall than it’s goin crashing down

    1. But it you wanted to make it fall because of this idea then it will still fall because the universe knows your trick

  5. That JJ scene made me say “this kid is a good actor” now I think he is even better because he kept going and improvised.

  6. That Fight Club one was EPIC! Favorite movie EVER. You can legitimately hear how genuine his reaction was too! 👍😂

  7. Bruh when Jonhy fell down thr stairs and was ok he put the jar up and said ’Got it!’ i laughed hard and possible 😂😂😂😂

  8. The fact JJ falling was improvised makes me want to watch all seasons all over again 😅


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