Who wants to see more bloopers?😂😭 #shorts


44 thoughts on “Who wants to see more bloopers?😂😭 #shorts

  1. He really hit her into the wall hard, and she’s just laughing through it……. I loved how he gave her a hug so sweet

    1. i dont think she hurt herself- manuel slammed her against the wall, which was part of the pov but he slammed her to hard and she hit her head 🧑‍🦯

  2. Awwwww how manuel kissed her on her head and huged her and he said” im so sorry:(“ so cute ❤❤🥺

  3. I love the way he cared tho. You guys still thought it was funny and y’all were laughing but he rlly did care 🥺✨❤️


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