58 thoughts on “Chicken Burger #shorts

  1. Ingredients:
    Boneless chicken -500gm
    Garlic -5
    Red chilli powder -2tbs
    Salt -1tbs
    Pepper powder -1tbs
    Coriander leaf
    Burger bun -3
    Red chilli souse -1tbs
    Lettuce green leaf -1
    Cheese slice

    1. I know not everyone has the time or energy to do it, but usually when foreign channels show such recipes, they make their own sauce from scratch using fresh ingredients because it tastes much better.

      At the very least, if they use store bought stuff, they go for organic or something which tastes better than mainstream sauces.

    1. Actually, with a little effort, you can make a real burger that is way more healthy and less expensieve than McDonalds

    1. I eat many time without watching tv who focus on tv when u have food unless u not binge watching 😂


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