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78 thoughts on “Grant Goes Speed-Dating

    1. @Stella Leicht in the episodes where they had to sell items to Sam, they proceeded to integrate the question “where are you from” into every pitch. Now the three guests that were on those episodes always ask Sam that question

    2. @Stella Leicht in one of the first episodes of ”game changer” they had to try and sell weird products by making and ad for Sam, at one point one of the players asked sam where he grew up. After that, every player started their ads with ”now sam, where are you from?” It was so funny and became such a big hit that ppl even started tweeting at Sam asking him where he’s from. Now its just a running joke in game changer to ask sam where he’s from

    1. Just like the popcorn at Sam’s local theater. If only I could remember what town it was in…

    2. @Te Rezhere was an episode of Game Changers a couple of years ago (it should still be online) where the contestants were trying to sell some useless item to Sam. It had Mike Trapp, Grant O’Brien, and Rekha Shankar. For one of the items, one of the contestants (I think it was Trapp) tried to make the pitch more relatable by opening with something a long the lines of, “Sam, where are you from?” That became a running joke throughout the episode, with the other contestants also opening that way.

    1. @Subaru that is so unbelievably and completely untrue that I’m unsurprised your comment doesn’t appear when I click view replies; even YouTube knows that’s utter dosh

    2. If this is helpful to anybody I don’t think there will ever be a full game changer episode on YouTube other than the 2-3 on the collegehumor channel since it is paid for

  1. ”The question ’Where are you from?’ will never have an interesting answer.” –spoken like a true Ohioan 😄

    1. A running joke spawned from an episode where they have to pitch insane useless bullshit. This bit has followed Sam even to Mice and Murder

    2. Thanks for writing this. Gave me the biggest dying of laughter moment in a while. It felt great to have moments like that every so often. Thanks for giving me one today.

    1. ​@Brayden Chadwickbecause you’re not a Dropout subscriber/you don’t get the reference, probably

      You should though. So much good stuff for less than Disney+, Hulu, Netflix or any of them

  2. I knew that joke had to be coming, it was just a question of how Grant was going to get there this time.
    (Btw, one solution to that issue is to share a specific fact about the place you’re from to make the answer a little more interesting)

    1. Mostly because in a previous game changer episode they asked him where he was from as an ongoing joke and literally every post on any game changer episode was a reference to asking Sam where he was from lmao


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