We Need to Stop Unnecessary Tipping | #Shorts


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29 thoughts on “We Need to Stop Unnecessary Tipping | #Shorts

  1. I DON’T put up with this kind of ’expected tipping’…it’s a bunch of b.s….it’s allowing the employer to keep wages low and expecting Me to make up the difference in the employees wages~

    1. As long as you’re not waiting on your food. They may spit on it. They ask for the tip first and then prepare your food.

    2. @Laurie Rose many people may joke about doing that but they know that tampering with food like that is a felony and I doubt any rational person will be willing to risk prison time over a few bucks.

      Not saying it hasn’t happened, but it’s very rare.

  2. The quality of the food, service etc is so bad now that we should be getting tips just for sitting there!😂😂😂

  3. Don’t feel ashamed for saying ”no”. They should feel ashamed for ASKING for a tip.

    If you feel you have to ask for a tip, you don’t deserve it.

    1. The concept of tipping was to encourage and insure prompt service.
      The tip would be placed at the edge of the table and if the service was slow you would take some of the tip money back.
      TIP = To Insure Promptness

    2. @Donna Creamer None of which applies to ordering at the counter or picking up a to-go order, which is where a lot of the new prompts for tipping are showing up.

  4. 100% agree with this, American overly generous & unnecessary tipping culture is one of the worst things about this country.

  5. I don’t tip when it’s a no service purchase. I tip very small if the full service is not acceptable. But if the full service is horrible, no tip at all. Line through the tip with scribbles. Then I state “Horrible Service!” Period.

  6. I tip at the donut shop because it’s a local business and I really don’t want them to close down. But I completely agree with everything you said.

  7. Agree, no service no tip! Also there is no tracking of who really gets the money, in IRS gets tax off of anything digital. If you give cash it is honor system for tax. Peer pressure is wrong no matter how it is done.

  8. so as a waitress I want everyone to know most restaurants MOST still pay serving staff less that 3 dollars. and MOST restaurants DO NOT ADD GRATUITY🥺 always ask if your not sure ❤️ but as for other things I understand the weird part of tipping. but yeah wait staff definitely deserves to be tipped we’ve seen a rise in stiffing (not being tipped) and we’ve all been on our A game and constantly improving guest experience. it’s a sad world some days

    1. @bmoturtleco  I literally get paid by my company $2.14 lol. The most I was ever paid by a company was 3.30 and that was freakn lucky for a waitress. That was a couple years ago though when Trump was in office. Waitresses make good money thanks to our generous customers. If we give good service, make your day and experience special it makes our day too. I love my job. It’s hard, usually thankless and winters where i live you barley walk out with minimum wage some nights. Summer time though you make your money and stash it away to make it through the winter. But again, I love my job. I get to take care of people and make them happy, all without blood and watching people die. Wish I could be nurse but 😔 emotionally could never handle it

    2. @Arica Newsome First off, I know you’re lying. The federal minimum wage laws apply even to waitstaff. At the end of the day, your employer takes your base pay (i.e., the $2.14) adds your claimed tips (which is completely your choice to claim or not, especially if they are cash) and the number of hours you worked. They then take the average of $’s per hour. As long as it is above minimum wage, you are good.

      So, for example, let’s say you worked a 10 hour shift. Your base pay is $2.14 an hour, which is $21.40. Let’s say, on average, you served 4 tables an hour. Each gives you an average of $5. That’s an additional $20 an hour. Added to your base pay brings your nightly total to $221.40. That makes your hourly pay equivalent to $22.14.

      Now, let’s say with the same base pay and tables per hour per night, you received only $1 on average per table. That’s $4 an hour. Added to your base pay makes your hourly rate $6.14. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. Therefore, your employer covers the difference of $1.11. Bringing you to minimum wage.

      Even if you worked 10 hours and received no tips at all. You would still be paid $7.25 an hour.

    3. @bmoturtleco  true, however I have never worked a restaurant where they made up the difference. I’ve been told straight to my face ”that’s what the summer time is for”. Minimum wage is 11 dollars now btw. But you don’t have to come at me with ”your lying” like wth. Just be kind and move on. I’m just letting people know that things in restaurants still aren’t what they try and tell you they are. It’s a damn good and damn hard job and I’ve seen people who ace it and people completely lose their minds over it. I know some restaurants share the load but they also share their tips. Where I’ve worked we have always been the 100% caretaker of our table and do our best even when busy busting our asses (I have busted my knees up before slipping in the middle of the restaurant lol. I don’t ever slow down!) To make sure every guest is checked up on and catered to. It’s not easy. No need to be nasty man

  9. Agree! I don’t care though, I don’t tip unless I am being waited on repeatedly like in a sit down restaurant. It’s called doing your job and they are already getting paid for that.

  10. I got my son some subway last night…and there was a tip screen! WTH…
    I was also berated in mandarin because I told the girl I wasn’t tipping her for doing her job. I called in my order then drove the 15 minutes to go get it. She rang me up, swipes my card then hands me a receipt to sign…she points at the tip boxes and says,
    ”You need choose one!”
    I said, ”First…I don’t NEED to do anything, and second I’m not tipping for doing a job you get paid to do..”

    Before I could finish my sentence, she turns to the cooks (while POINTING at me) and starts going off in mandarin.

    I asked her, ”Are you kidding me right now?” …and I just left.

    I sent them an email letting them know that even though they are my favorite restaurant…I won’t go back.
    …and I’m not a Karen…I NEVER complain…but that was insanely rude.


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