GTA IN REAL LIFE *Blooper* 😂🎬 | Jeremy Lynch #Shorts


GTA IN REALITY * Blooper *|Jeremy Lynch #Shorts

29 thoughts on “GTA IN REAL LIFE *Blooper* 😂🎬 | Jeremy Lynch #Shorts

  1. I just started laughing at the part when he finished drinking the water and threw the bottle away. Also, when he met his friends, I thought they were actual gta characters

  2. *3:23:39* *Can* *we* *only* *take* *a* *minute* *to* *congratulate* *how* *many* *time* *and* *work* *he* *put* *in* *these* *video?*
    *It’s* *fabulous,* *and* *I* *consider* *they* *justify* *a* *lot* *more* *than* *that* 😃

  3. Would love to see more of these. A series maybe. Although I’m pretty sure the bloopers will be plenty 😂😂😂😂


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