1. @Perish Mortal why you deleted that comment telling me to ”imagine deez nuts” on my face?

    2. I Knew it was real because if you put attention he is bleeding from the pores after the heir is removed!!😅😅

  1. The director: “yeah we can’t add this scene in, children might get scared because of how much chest hair there is, I mean we got to keep this ✨FAmiLY FRieNdLy✨”

    1. My moms boyfriend noticed it! Also the same thing happens when Jango Fett is going into his ship in Attack of clones! You can even hear a thud lol

  2. And the one waxing him is not a professionnal. She wanted to be in the movie so she pretented to know what she was doing. He almost lost a nipple because she didn’t know you’re supposed to apply vaseline before waxing this area.

  3. I don’t think the first one is true. I’m pretty sure they for real didn’t notice it untill it was too late to film it again.🤣

  4. For the star wars one it also happened in clone wars. It was Cpt Rex who did it and he even tell the remaining clone trooper to switch to night vision

  5. If i ever own a movie studio imma try to give the actors half of a script of the character, allow them to improvise and continue the script from that improvise
    Then repeat

  6. The first one was even refferenced few times in the prequel trilogy, like when in clone wars captain rex hits his head badly because he didn’t see the porch through his helmet

  7. The stormtrooper one is a good joke too cause it is used up the this day and was in the skywalker saga complete saga and many more

  8. Oh wow. I never knew that about the Storm trooper. I mean, it’s only been mentioned for about 20-30 years everywhere

  9. ”In the scene where he breaks his spine this was not acting but the director thought it was so funny he kept it in the movie”

  10. #1: Not only that, but George actually added the *bonk* sfx in the special editions to make the accident more obvious

  11. Did you know that in Ep 2 Attack of the clones, Jango hits his head entering the slave 1 after fighting obi-wan kenobi. It shows that there are still some clones in the galactic empire.


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