1. he was so aggressive about the smell 🤣🤣🤣
    Edit: why is it that out of all of the witty, funny comments that I put effort into writing that this simple, not even funny comment is the one that gets popular??

    1. ​@Warrior I hate to be that person but you wouldn’t go for an overhand throw when you’re chucking it at someone.

  2. Crazy how Rocky had a low budget but excelled in sales and is a classic.

    Edit: There. Are you happy? I took off “cult” classic. Thanks for ruining what my point was. I was born in 89 and just remember this movie had very high praises even in the 2000s, maybe even now. Sorry I didn’t know it didn’t have a cult following. It seemed like it did from what I remember. It was on tv being copied in tv shows and movies. It was extremely popular considering the budget is all I was getting at.

  3. My uncle was an extra as one of the kids chasing rocky
    He might’ve been joking but I like to believe it to be true

    1. In the early 80’s , they made a movie in my home town. I got to see several stars .. Frankie Avalon,. Donna Wilks , Lenny Montana, Dane Clark , Richard Jackel . my understanding that Peter Marshalls son was in it , Something went wrong. someone else bought it , and the name was changed . it’s on VHS , a horror movie. There was an actress her name is Antwinette Bowers . it was filmed at a motel part of it and a two story house down below my High school. It was called Premonitions. but it got changed to Blood Song ,. great scary movie Don’t remember what year

  4. That scene takes place in the salt flats of Utah, I’m pretty sure. So due to decaying krill, dragging something on the ground would actually make a weird smell

  5. Movie bloopers that made the final cut: Breaking Bad was originally going to be about a chemistry teacher washing cars to pay for his cancer treatment, but Bryan Cranston brought some meth in the studio and so Vince Gilligan decided to make the show about cooking meth.

    1. Just Reading this makes me wanna binge watch season 1-5 all over again, o my god… should i do it?

  6. i like these type of videos, not super energetic, not something that probably everyone could know, and just straight to the point

  7. The smell is actually due to the set, the middle of the bonneville salt flats, usually used for top speed runs due to how flat it is, it’s actually an ancient dried up lakebed, so he’s most likely smelling a metric ton of salted, rotting, prehistoric fish. (Might be getting a detail or two wrong, feel free to correct me)


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