Enjoy Jenna Ortega break character on the Wednesday blooper behind the scenes.


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#Wednesday Bloopers.

Smart, ironical and a little dead within, Wednesday Addams examines a murder spree while making brand-new good friends– and enemies– at Nevermore Academy.

62 thoughts on “#Wednesday Bloopers 🖤

    1. @Alli💞 I’m aloud to comment whatever I want. I’m just saying it’s not the ”cUtesT thINg EVER”

  1. the way she thrw the flashlight at emma and the “my mother is a carnivorous planet” 😭😂😂😂

    Edit:- tysm for 100+ likes :))

  2. l love to watch bloopers from any movie. it makes you realize how much work it takes to make a great movie

  3. She’s mad cute I loved the show and her most of all I feel she was perfect at acting like Wednesday in the show she’s really the best actress ever and hope to see another season of her I’m hooked on it


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