Who wants to see more bloopers?😂☠️…#shorts


33 thoughts on “Who wants to see more bloopers?😂☠️…#shorts

  1. OOH EARLY also she’s so beautiful! And acted like me for a hot second 💀💀

    1. @Andrei Alexe baha my bad, since the person said that she’s so beautiful and u said “no she’s not but the videos are” I thought u were saying she’s not pretty. Very sorry bout that lol

  2. Bro this scene killed me-
    I was yelling at the tv. LIKE GIRL SAY UR HIS FREAKING WIFE(not legally) OR ELSE I WILL!

  3. Ngl she cute and funny fr her smile while shaking her head was so cute, def want mote bloopers

  4. My ADHD is to look at weird points like “Oh there’s a corner over there” “I have to go look at that corner for 5 minutes then go back to what I was doing” 😂


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