Parent Reports Teacher to Principal👀 #story #shorts #teacher #education #funny #school #family


39 thoughts on “Parent Reports Teacher to Principal👀 #story #shorts #teacher #education #funny #school #family

    1. Some studies are showing that homework does not necessarily benefit students enough to make it worth it

  1. These parents need to understand that other people have children and that not everything is about your child . And where is this no homework school I want to go there!

    1. That genuinely is so wild do them, that teachers first priority in life isn’t their specific child lol

    1. ​@Rebecca Rogers (Mrs. Rogers)do you mean that I went through 12 years of being yelled at by multiple people because of a math worksheet that’s being outlawed? I feel cheated.

  2. The fact that she knows she was on her phone during the performance shows that THE MOM was also not paying attention to HER CHILD’S performance

  3. Was the teacher on the clock during the talent show? If it was after school, teacher is a supportive adult, and can do whatever she wants . . . as long as ethical and legal.

  4. One of the few rare times I’d probably say that even the principal deserves to say ”Me neither” in response to the ”I don’t get paid enough.”

    1. Oh no principals deff get paid enough to deal with that crap lol my old principal make $150k a year

      I would deal with parents like that too if that was my salary!

    2. @Rebecca Rogers (Mrs. Rogers) As a Teacher’s Aide and Speech & Debate Coach, I agree they get paid a lot (several get FAR overpaid considering they put all their work on office managers and TSAs), but there are rare moments… And there’s not enough money in the world to pay me to deal with some of the Karen parents daily.

      Thankfully, and surprisingly enough, some of our most vocal ”problematic” parents at my school, aren’t the Karens and are correct. Such as complaining about students being weight-shamed, en masse complaining to the SuperIntendent when the district decided to arbitrarily move me to another school, fighting for IEP’s for dyslexic students when the district wants to ignore even the IEP requests (yeah, that bad), etc. These kids and the parents are why I stay… Some of our staff, and certainly our admin, does NOT make it easy.

  5. As a nursing student who chose nursing over teaching, parents are why I will never become a grade school teacher (or go into pediatrics) as much as I love kids and teaching.

    1. That’s actually the reason I chose the opposite. You have to deal with adults, eeew. 🤣 I can typically go a few weeks at a time without hearing more than brief notices (like absence or early out) from parents. I’ll take kids over adults any day.

  6. I feel like I should restart a thing I did in highschool where people paid me to toilet paper or otherwise prank their bully. Now I bet I could make a MINT pranking awful Karen/Kevin parents on behalf of teachers.

  7. Hell my kid has reading, math, language arts, and this thing called RocketMath” every night. And he’s 8

  8. Yet ANOTHER restaurant banned kids under 10 recently. I commented that ”teachers are quitting in droves for a reason. Maybe if parents experience some consequences they’ll shape TF up.” One of the highest rated comments I’ve gotten in a long time. Lol.

    Banning kids isn’t new. But the backlash has usually been at the restaurants.

    People are coming around. To me, women who self identify as mommy give me a very bad image.

  9. I definitely understand them some schools assigning homework is against school policy but I feel like this is a bit extreme you could most likely emailed the teacher and be polite an email asking why homework is being assigned and the teacher would most likely respond by the next day explaining that they had to do it in class the next day and that did not have to do it at home


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