41 thoughts on “Candid camera shot #Shorts

  1. Greetings dear friend! This week I watched a couple of your videos, very interesting and beautiful! I like the idea of the video, today I went to watch another video! great picture and music 🙂 see you 🙂
    have a nice day and be loved and happy 🙂
    be careful in our difficult times, wear a mask in public and be healthy 🙂

  2. . === maraming salamat sa pag upload mo ng video na to idol ===
    ===[[[[[[[[ TAMSAK PO ]]]]]]]]]===
    BTW i po promote ko ang video na ito sa ”MY FAVORITE VIDEOS VOL. 3”
    PLAYLIST pang ( 64 ) po.

  3. Ang ganda nman ng paligid puro halaman at ganda ng mga bahay ingat po salamat godbless # Valencia OFW vlog

  4. Sending to support your channel po gaganda ng mga bahay malaki at mga halaman ingat po salamat godbless


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