I Talked Bad About Myself In Front of My Boyfriend #shorts #couple


43 thoughts on “I Talked Bad About Myself In Front of My Boyfriend #shorts #couple

    1. Not every relationship is the same, everyone has different aspects. Meaning you’ll never have a relationship like this, you’ll have your relationship with its own aspects.

  1. This is absolutely adorable and watching them makes me feel more single each and every day 🤣🥲

  2. This is absolutely adorable❤️❤️. Too many guys nowadays think it’s okay to shame girls who are a little over weight, or feel like they are overweight. Ladies, get yoself a man (or another lady if you swing that way👀) who loves and accepts you for who you are. Always.

    1. Genuine love is unconditional.

      I have been blessed to have a such love twice in my lifetime.

      Firstly with my late wife, and now with my girlfriend.

      I have seen it in a handful of couples in real life, and Austin and Lexi definitely have that kind of love for each other.

      It exists, and everyone deserves it. I hope you find that kind of love, it is amazing.

  3. that’s where I’d laugh harder. when people say bullshit like that, I laugh, tell them to say it again, then laugh harder

  4. Awh everbody deserves a man like austin ❤️

    Edit: thanks for 10 likes! Thats the most i’ve gotten!
    Edit 2: thanks for the 43 likes!! <3

  5. He is THE BEST self-love and emotional support boyfriend EVER!! Gotta love someone who respects that. ❤

  6. Bro y’all the best couple I ever seen- if I don’t have this type of relationship, I never will have one 🤠

  7. she said she was fat and he looked like he was having a midlife crisis because of it 🤣 he’s so precious

  8. Guys fat isn’t bad! Maybe its not what you want your body to look like and thats fine, thats what you decide for yourself, but calling yourself fat or others fat isn’t always an insult. Theres a negative connotation around the word because people have been using it for the wrong purposes! Remember no matter your body size no matter your looks your acne what ever your insecure about it doesn’t matter! Your pretty!


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