Rihanna Is Pregnant, Debuts Infant Bump Throughout Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show Performance

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36 thoughts on “Rihanna is PREGNANT! #shorts

  1. I thought I was just being catty thinking this beauty looked pregnant,lol!Makes sense why her energy wasn’t what we are used to seeing.
    She was pretty dam brave performing so high in the sky!

    1. ​@Jeremy’s Iron She knew about this months before she decided to phone it in. That was pretty classless.

    2. @Gwendolyn Qtl I disagree it was actually good compared to most. if you pull older performances from past performers they’re constantly masking their talents with choreography or a prop (flames on stage & etc) i love the balance of singing (show casing her vocal range, breathing control, and etc) and the choreography from her & the dancers. I love the attention to set list as well. She is definitely up there (surpasses in my opinion) with the Bruno/Coldplay/Beyoncé performance and WAYYYY higher than JLO

    1. @Ochanya oche She wiggled a little. Woohoo!!! You can be a fan and admit she phoned it in. I am and I am. Let’s not pretend she was 9 months and fresh out of knee surgery. My late grandma was more animated leading the choir.

  2. She’s So Gorgeous!! Her Son is a Handsome Little Prince. Congratulations to her and A$AP . I named my daughter after her. 🙏🏽🫶🏽👑🤩

  3. Awwwww!!!! You look so cute being pregnant!! Congratulations and you did great at the Superbowl!!!! I’m from Philly GO EAGLES!!!!

  4. I was like Rihanna usually gets crazy down with dancing somethings up. She’s pregnant, sees the belly, SHE’S PREGNANT!!!

    1. @marie jordan EXACTLY. She knew this was coming up long before it was announced publicly 5 months ago. She butchered the show, plain and simple. The fact people are saying she ”slayed” anything is laughable. She wiggled and lip-synced. So inspiring.

    2. @Sarah SaunchGrl She gave birth back in May 13, 2022. That’s over 9 months ago. Why say something when you don’t know what you’re talking about? I hate people like you.

    3. @This & That Chat with Sierra SHE HAD A BABY IN MAY. THAT’S NOT A COUPLE MONTHS AGO. Why are yall saying this? Idiots

    4. @Ventura My mistake, when I looked it up it said December, I guess I looked at the wrong info, hope you have a great day

    5. ​@Sarah SaunchGrlSomeone who read my mind… my thoughts too… I feel she rushed this…her son is still too young.

  5. RiRi. Half Time Was on 🔥 🔥!! Congratulations on one of the Best Half Time Shows and on your new Bundle and of Blessings!! 🌺🙏🥰🤙🏽

  6. Congratulations on your iconic and historic pregnancy announcement her guess was her baby bump I freaking love you riri❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Holy crap she was actually pregnant again I thought it was after birth, just big after pregnancy. Wow baby #2 😍🍼 wow happy for Rihanna loved her performance.


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