Longest Punt Return in Super Bowl History! #shorts #superbowl


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34 thoughts on “Longest Punt Return in Super Bowl History! #shorts #superbowl

  1. Haven’t seen this man be this electrifying since his days back at Florida. Glad to see him make history and be a champion. Don’t forget where you came from. 🐊🏈

  2. I think he could have made it all the way had he just looked forward, left his team to protect him and just ran for.his life.

  3. Giants knew what he was capable of. That’s why they drafted him. He just didnt want to be there. Good for him and congrats 👏

  4. As soon as they brought the punting unit out instead of going for it in the game they are trailing, I knew they were going to lose

  5. just think, everyone thought the chief’s were crazy for getting him. now he helped the chief’s get another 💍ring


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