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TikTok: @TwinsFromRussia.


52 thoughts on “TwinsFromRussia latest tiktok #shorts

  1. Pregnant lady: “Don’t worry, it’s only a couple of pills, it won’t hurt my babies”
    – 20 something years later

  2. ”If idiots could fly, tik tok would be an airport” said a man which i dont remember, but that doesn’t change the fact that those words are so damn true…

  3. This video inspired me to stay in school so I don’t end up making cringe videos on YouTube

  4. Круто придумали, молодецы парни, за одно девушку спасли 👍

  5. 1 ❤️ Hermosa eleccion MIRABELLE.Uno de mejor
    2 (elecciones ) 9.5/10 3 ( culturales ) 9.3/10
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos
    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo


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