Finland wins hockey world title | Party from TORI!


Finland wins hockey world title on home ice in our house town Tampere. We recorded the party straight after the triumph from famous Tori in the middle of the city! Please enjoy and celebration accountable!

35 thoughts on “Finland wins hockey world title | Party from TORI!

  1. Congrats and lovely greetings from Switzerland to Finnland! Must have been a very special night for you as the host winning in your own country.
    Unfortunately our swiss team sadly lost their quartelfinals against the US after a mind-blowing start in the tournament.
    Congrats to Finnland, you deserve it!!

  2. I was there at this Tori when Finland won their first Ice Hockey Championships in 1995. It was absolutely insane. One funny thing was that we stole Sweden’s victory song Den Glider In for ourselves, you can hear it in the video. There hasn’t been an event like that in Finland ever since. All of the players and the coach became legends. I wished that we would’ve celebrated our F1 drivers as much as our ice hockey or skiing stars. I’m personally not into team sports or winter sports but I can be happy for other people.

  3. Congrats from Canada! It’s always wonderful when the host country wins, for the host country! For the away team, not so much. 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Canadian here. Congrats to Finland on their Championship win!! Seeing this… You guys deserve it. Unfortunately us in Canada really don’t pay that much attention to the World Championships because it runs at the same time as the Stanley Cup playoffs. We put way more stock into the World Juniors and the Olympics which is a shame. Enjoy the win!! Y’all are crazy.

    1. It has always kinda sucked that playoffs and WC is around same time, it means most national teams wont get their best players for WC if they happen to be in NHL playoffs. Also it looks like NHL doesn’t like the idea of letting players take part in Olympics either nowadays so something needs to change, i think we really need that World Cup thingy back.

    2. @Winland world cup is planned for 2024 and NHL is going to olympics in 2026 if there isn’t anything major stopping it (like rescheduled games this year which was the reason NHL didn’t go to olympics)

    3. NHL should reduce the regular season to 62 games and start the season earlier so the best ice hockey players in the world could attend to World Championships.

      People who regularly follow hockey here in Europe know that Finland and Sweden has their B team in the Skoda Cup and Canada has their C team. It’s stupid to call it even World Championships when the best players aren’t even there. Hockey has to be the only sport in the world where best players aren’t taking part of the World Championships.

  5. The ice hockey is great, but this is actually my favorite part: watching Finland collectively lose all semblance of it’s typical reserved nature and go party.

  6. Lauri channelling his best grandpa energy 😂

    ”Look at these kids, climbing things they’re not supposed to climb!”
    ”Why are you climbing that?”
    ”Where is your shirt?”
    ”Ok it’s super late I’m going home”

    Meanwhile Anni: 🥳🥳😎

  7. If we Sweden can’t win ice hockey world championships,us Swedes is cheering for Suomi! 🇫🇮
    Supercongratulations from your brothers and sisters in Sweden 🇸🇪❤️🇫🇮

  8. The actual fountain at the Main Square of Tampere was covered this time (aswell as in Helsinki), because it has actually been damaged by our previous Tori parties. The fountain in Helsinki has also been damaged in the same way.

    The fountain has a large historical importance to Tampere and was made in the 1800’s. In one way it symbolizes the evolution of Tampere starting from a small village to one of the largest cities in Finland when you know it’s history and importance.

    To help preserve both of the very important fountains, they had them protected by guard and a physical layer to keep people out.

  9. In Finland the police are pretty chill, seeing the flashing blue lights is no indication of anything bad happening, just the law enforcement letting know they are there. The crowd is also chill, the amount of good will is remarkable, partly due to the alcohol (drunk Finns can be most agreeable people). Torilla tavataan, whichever marketplace it is in Finland. And congratulations to the ice hockey team, their year has turned out to be one of the most memorable in living history.


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