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36 thoughts on “How To Dress Trendy… #Shorts

    1. @Existential_Horror™ not necessarily! I have a bunch of dolls kill stuff but it’s all second hand! Vinted and eBay are great!

    2. @Leo beboop Better to wear vintage or second hand than throw it it the landfill. But I would not support the brand.

    3. ​​​@Othey steal designs but one design that they actually made was about r@pe…also the quality sucks and its overpriced

  1. Bunny, you never fail to make me feel better! I’ve been watching some of your videos from around 11 years ago. The ghost energy videos are great!

  2. I first found your channel around 12 years ago (I think?) And I used to watch it religiously for years. In college I took a break from YouTube and I missed your videos! I’m so glad I found them again. 😁

  3. she looked awesome before she actually started to create the favorite ”outfit” ! 😄🤦‍♀️

  4. When you try to make a custom character in dungeons & dragons but they end up looking like that I love it 😂❤️

  5. The purple top and the green rain coat actually goes together really well. It’s a really cute choice.


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