3 Mistakes to Avoid Learning Finnish + Vappu Sale 🎉 #shorts


Hei, I m Varpu & I help you find out beginner-level spoken Finnish.
With my method, you prevent these 3 typical mistakes when finding out Finnish.

1 Getting confused with the Finnish language twists.

The basic Finnish you learn in books & language apps is NOT the Finnish you ll hear in Finland. When you discover spoken Finnish, you can speak and comprehend what's happening around you.

2 Succumbing to the buffet table trap.
You wear t need to approach Finnish like an all-you-can-eat buffet table (Aka vocabulary overload and unlimited grammar).
Start with the simple and flexible spoken Finnish structures to develop your confidence.

3 Listening to the narrative around Finnish.
The story around Finnish is truly negative. Finnish is impossible, wear t even try. Why are you finding out Finnish?! All Finns speak English.

If you let these voices inside your mind, you will shut down mentally & you won t learn.
So, do you wish to overcome these obstacles the simple way?.

Join countless pleased trainees and enroll in my Conversational Finnish for Novices course! I can t wait to see you there!
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22 thoughts on “3 Mistakes to Avoid Learning Finnish + Vappu Sale 🎉 #shorts

  1. Even my Finnish friends question why I’m learning the language lol They think it’s useless to learn but it’s such a pretty language imo

  2. Also to me happens with some of my Finnish friends… I think they do a poor service to their own culture when they say things like «learn X language instead, it’s more useful» (answering in English to my conversation attempts in Finnish). Never heard a single Catalan saying anything close to that. Every language is important, because every language carries a unique vision of the world.

  3. Moi,that answer my question to the comment I added on a previous video.Which to learn,spoken or written. Kiitos Varpu

  4. There are many reasons for learning that beautiful language. It’s cool to understand my finnish friends better and it’s even cooler to have a secret language no one outside of Finland can speak. And there are more… 😉

  5. The joke I thought of after going to Finland several times (and living with my friends out in the country- I was no tourist!) was that Finnish language was so difficult, even the natives don’t like to speak that much! Because Finns are so quiet, etc. LOL

  6. I’ve been learning Finnish for about 3 weeks now. But I’m worried that I can’t roll my R’s. Despite following many YouTube videos 🙁

    1. That’s great you can study! That’s ok, it actually can take awhile to master the R sound. Even Finnish children struggle with this letter for years (& they’re native) so don’t be too hard on yourself 🙏

  7. Finnish is a difficult language for Europeans. Slavic speakers won’t be scared by the harmony of vowels, a bunch of cases, endings and suffixes, etc.

  8. A few years ago.. I tried to learn the danish language.. But it was too difficult.. And I runaway.. And today I still keep running🏃‍♂️

  9. I’m still a beginner after two years home study, but what I find curious is how the word order follows English so closely. What is most difficult is the fact that the words do not resemble any other European language, apart from borrowed words. Then the case endings….! When I worked in a rural part near Kuopio back in the 90s, almost nobody in the little village spoke English and I had to learn a few phrases in Finnish for the post office, the café, the service station and the supermarket. In the cities and hotels, yes, they spoke English, but the few efforts I made to speak Finnish were always well-received with smiles!


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