3 Tips EVERY Kaisa Main Should Know – League of Legends #Shorts


#Shorts #Leagueshorts

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13 thoughts on “3 Tips EVERY Kaisa Main Should Know – League of Legends #Shorts

  1. Shameless how y’all make a video putting Kaisa mid in D tier, then make an op builds where you feature her, then make a video with ‘tips’
    Stop having your pros try to gatekeep new builds by putting them in low tiers just to realize later it’s popping in the algorithm and start advertising them

    1. I think kaisa mid is not good, but it certainly is getting popularity. Making content people want to watch but staying true to what they think is not bad id say.
      This short was kinda useless tho.

    2. @feru1071 yes but they have done this multiple times where they seemingly encourage against new popular builds, calling them terrible and “just because the pros do it, doesn’t mean you should” and then they get popular and they turn around and go “actually this is really cool! Top tier!”

    3. @Cersei Hansen Im not sure since I dont watch the tier videos, but this isn’t an instance of it. Maybe bc it’s a big team, but if it’s as you say then im with u

  2. I respect your tips but I believe there are 3 must have tips and yours are kinda beginner lvl :/
    1. Don’t waste E to cancel evolution, better click icon above HUD and press B to recall and then use E to catch up lost time.
    2. Learn how to auto and use E to get invis and juke enemies, your second tip is so basic
    3. Using WE is not a good tip at all because that’s how her skills works. Instead good tip is to learn how to use R close to wall to jump over it.

    1. Number (3). Her R can be use as instant shield, escape tool (jump over wall), reposition, to use w easier, to join in skrimishes, to dodge skillshot


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