Bjorn Yesterday | BLOOPERS #shorts


28 thoughts on “Bjorn Yesterday | BLOOPERS #shorts

  1. YES! I love how all i had to do was ask for it and Cameron did it! It shows that he really does read his comments!

  2. Bro I thought he only do that goofy smile in vids, but looks like that’s how he smile normaly

  3. Cameron Geller; 🎶I See Who You Are🎶
    (looks at microphone) 🎶You Are My Enemy🎶
    (confused microphone) 🎶My Enemy 🎶
    (microphone cringes) 🎶You Are My Enemy 🎶

  4. If Bjorn manages to edit a skit, he would prolly turn it into an MLG with smoking pepe, a looping gif of the CS sniper, brand names of soda, an earrapey dubstep and flashing neon colors


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