Clarkson and Hammond’s Dramatic Drifting Bloopers 😬 #Shorts


James May has been digging in the unseen video bin and discovered some rather intriguing bloopers. Looks like wandering isn't as simple as it looks!
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Sign Up With Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they take a trip around the world on their Grand Tour. A program about experience, enjoyment and relationship … as long as you accept that individuals you call good friends are likewise the ones you find extremely bothersome. Sometimes it's even a show about vehicles, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury cars and more. There's something for everybody (If you like middle-aged guys doing things with automobiles, then this is the program for you!).

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47 thoughts on “Clarkson and Hammond’s Dramatic Drifting Bloopers 😬 #Shorts

    1. You need someone to challenge your drifting skills hit me up you’ll see a fast and furious 3 Tokyo drift let’s just say I was the drift king

    2. @The Grand Tour You know, I’m an American, and we have to pass our beer to our ”play mate”, when saying ”Watch this!”- like Jeremy! Thank you for the reveal, James- the sound of sanity in each episode! Richard, lover of muscle cars, cowboy hats and boots- my respect as always!

    3. anything with at least three wheels can be drifted… all you gotta do is not have to pay for tires 😉

    1. Ya, they’re always mucking him for not being able to drive well in all sorts of manners, buy lest they forget he was trained by Jackie Stewart & mika, he might not out his foot to the floor as hard them, but in some ways he’s a better driver, even if bit as quick

  1. It’s funny that Clarkson keeps the power on in that Lexus while spinning and as of a result, making a tonne of smoke 🤣

  2. For some unknowingly reason, I thought I would see the clip of Richard sliding off an Swiss hillside with a electric car

    1. They couldn’t survive in this political climate, at least not without toning back their “risky” jokes

    2. Aren’t they filming a new grand tour special? Heard James had a bit of a crash while filming a few weeks ago.

    3. @Heel Surfer They are only doing specials now, idk how the other ppl think otherwise, when gt confirmed it

    1. I only say ”watch this” when I am about to do the dumbest action ever taken by a human being

    2. ”it’s really quite interesting isn’t it” is the moment you realize James May is about to give you a 3 hour lecture and proceed to make it as uninteresting as possible

  3. finally the truth is out !
    by the way they held the steering wheels and where they looked… it was fairly obvious driving skills were not up to what was shown on air 😉


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