1. Did heath ledger even have a script? At this point I think that they just dressed him up as the joker and let him loose on set

    1. @coras aurora You are not wrong. Someone has been watching “The Movies That Made Us” on Netflix lol

    2. This is actually the movie that the fell in love with but it was way at the end once it rolled out throughout filming there was strong hatred

    3. They only didn’t get along because he had to teacher her how to dance irl and it was stressful for the both of them. Other than that they were fine.

    1. Yeah what is it about water with this dude. Every video i ever see him do has him pouring water into a glass. W. T. F. Why.

    2. You can tell by how much bullshit he puts in these things without doing proper research. He needs to shave that sorry excuse of a mustache off his face too.

    1. @Hot Tamales no, they only had one take, he had to fiddle with it a little just for filler, I should know, they shot this scene in my city

    2. @Giratina The_distorter look dude if that was the case they wouldn’t have used that shot due to the amount of laws not evacuating a highly explosive area breaks, it was scripted, it may have been done in one take but it was on a script.

    3. It was scripted and while we’re at it Final Fantasy isn’t named so because it was the last game they expected to make its because the original name of Fighting Fantasy was already trademarked.

    1. Do its like…. The kid actors believed it is actually T.Rex and so the glass wasn’t supposed to shatter but it shattered….??? Like that?

      I thought all those T.Rex were just CGI. Am I wrong?

    2. @newbie the movie used both CGI and animatronics. If you look hard enough it’s quite easy to tell. But yeah during the one scene when the Rex broke thru the roof harder than it was supposed to that was raw fear not acting

    3. @newbie Yes,CGI was hard in the 80-90’s,animatronics were used quite frequently in movies of that period.

  2. I’m confused: some YouTubers are saying the Heath leather explosion reaction was real and improvised but others are saying it was fake and was practiced for months… my brain it hurts

    1. @Lao Xi Fuk yeah, it’s a shame because so many people believe it, a example being someone who tried to prove me wrong earlier

    2. The building was always meant to explode, but during that take there was delay with the explosion, hence Heath Ledger’s reaction were he hold his arms out is what was unscripted

    3. @Holland Fray that’s the rumour but it’s untrue, it was confirmed by Christopher Nolan that it was a scripted delay. Otherwise they would have to evacuate

  3. I don’t know if this is considered a blooper, but in Star Wars: A New Hope, when Luke and Han are in the Death Star Luke says “I can’t see a thing in this helmet”, which wasn’t in the script and was genuinely talking to him.

  4. After the explosion scene in the dark knight, Heath Ledger got onto the bus, and sat in it by himself for a long time, in complete silence, really staying in character. I think there may be some footage of it somewhere on youtube. Rest in peace Heath.

    1. The video is called ”Joker in the bus the dark knight deleted scene” if you want to watch it. It’s really cool to see.

  5. Icycol: “The Rex shattered the Glass where Will and Tim were under”

    Lex: “Wait, since when was my name ‘Will’?”

    1. @newbie it ws a massive anamatronic trex, think it is possibly one of the biggest anamatronics ever used in a movie, it had a mind of its own, the moisture kept getting in the electrics which used to make it start moving on its own and stuff like that!

  6. The dark knight one isn’t true, a lot of people believe this, but it’s just a rumor, and the joke was planned in advance

  7. The joker thing isn’t real, that was a scripted reaction, they were filming a real building exploding with minimal special effects, if the bombs weren’t going off when they were meant to Heath Ledger would have gotten the heck outta dodge so he didn’t get injured from the bombs not going off in the way they were meant to to make sure no one got hurt. He wouldn’t have just stood around tapping the button again if there was a genuine risk of the explosion being more dangerous than planned and have the worry of shrapnel and bricks coming flying at him.

  8. There’s a blooper in “it’s a wonderful life” that made it in.
    In the part where the grandpa runs into a hallway, the main character (whose name I forgot) heard the bang that was supposed to happen, yet he thought he was seriously hurt. His face looked so real, they had to put it in.


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