Stranger Things 3 bloopers 🎬 | pt. 2 | #shorts #strangerthings #bloopers #strangerthings3


36 thoughts on “Stranger Things 3 bloopers 🎬 | pt. 2 | #shorts #strangerthings #bloopers #strangerthings3

  1. finn really made my day when he said ”hi editors!!”
    because i am an editor, i love finn so much! he’s so kind and beautiful <3

  2. “I have seen into the future, and I have seen that today is a NEW day! A day, FULL of girls!”

  3. I love the cast! They always brighten up my day! 🤍 I Hope to meet them one day! I wonder how many tries it takes for each scene, if it was me Id probably be laughing a lot, I love their community. They’re all so sweet to each other! 💗


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