What a Celebration 😳🤩 #shorts #superbowl


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24 thoughts on “What a Celebration 😳🤩 #shorts #superbowl

  1. I’m so proud of the cheifs they’re my favorite team so proud of Mahomes and the cheifs well deserved championship for them 🔥

  2. The fact that this is a real thing blows my mind. Even though I was rooting for the Eagles, I still think this is so cool🎉🎉

    1. @Golden Age of Dinosaurs I 👍🏈 since my early youth (1981). I ❤️ also 🏒; ⚾; 🏀 and 🥍( Boxlacrosse; Fieldlacrosse and Intercrosse). Greetings from Switzerland


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