Finland Wins Gold! Torille in the Morning!


Just a little morning torille, wished to share this with everybody else. Type of an awkward time for torille, but that didn't stop the Finns! This was taken Sunday early morning in Helsinki shortly after Finland one. Torille!

19 thoughts on “Finland Wins Gold! Torille in the Morning!

  1. If the game would have been tonight, the streets would have been filled with people for hours on end. The fact that the game started at 6am really hit the viewership and the amount of celebration.

    1. Repeat again. Gold to be small step for Russia, but became huge step for Finland! Congratulations, Suomi!!!! I really happy about you!! All the best from Lithuania.

    1. Probably not posting another video today, but it looks like there’s going to be a celebration in the Olympic stadium tomorrow

  2. Nicely done
    But comparing with the winning against Sweden it’s was kinda light
    Congratulations 🎊🎉😁😉🥇
    Ps:more update please later on

    1. Thanks, I think the awkward time made it a bit different. 2019 looked a lot different and was better with the timing. I’ll be updating tomorrow, I checked in and it was kind of the same thing happening all day. Tomorrow should be a bit different!

    1. If the weather services are to be belived, only around -1 C° and no significant wind, so basically ideal weather.

    2. @puskajussi37 It sure felt like that, not even a small gust of wind.Which is fortunate because it would have blown us off the ice covered pool of Havis Amanda

  3. Congrats our Brothers 🇫🇮 with Great Victory !!! IMPERIALIST Barbaric Moscow had 0 chance , with Love from Belarus 🏳❤🏳 !

  4. Come next year too Then If we win Then you guys can come and Start living in Finland or come everytime theres gonna ne Match so we win

  5. 핀란드 Suomi 🇫🇮 금메달 2022 Olympic gold medal 🏅Finland congratulations 핀란드 화이팅 응원합니다. 힐링 캠프다 타임머신을 타고 떠나는 시간 여행 즐겁다 메리 크리스마스 폴카 Merry Christmas Happy new year

  6. Will this roster work?

    Laine-Barkov (C)-Rantanen (A)
    Teravainen-Aho (A)-Kapanen
    Mikael Granlund-Hintz-Donskoi



  7. Fun to see this day from your point of view (and all the way from 8am), I only made it there by midday 😅


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