Worst pain imaginable 😬 #shorts


(Via Ashton.mccurdy/ Ig).

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33 thoughts on “Worst pain imaginable 😬 #shorts

    1. Totally agree the dad is definitely a sociopath and more than likely his child will follow the same steps SMH

    1. Is that a foul? I guess it could just be a generic tech. Honestly I’ve never seen that before lol

    2. @Nunzio CombattelliYa that would be a hard technical. One that gets you ejected in any case where the ref isn’t a complete buffoon.

    3. @Crittekno he was just trying to vote his dribble back. Obviously he hit him in the nuts but I don’t think that was the intention

  1. I swear basketball parents are a different breed. I did cheer for basketball for a while and saw parents kicked out for yelling at their kids or a whole team because they were being so extra. Like sir…this is middle school

    1. Yea some do take it over the top but that wasn’t over the top to me. You gotta teach kids to take the game seriously and push them to be better than everyone else if they really want to make it somewhere. That’s how the greats made it to the NBA and college.

    2. @Ace.23 yea 95% of all players will never make it to the NBA and only a fraction will get a college offer but the ones who do whether they make it pro or not it gives them other options. Options they probably wouldn’t have ever had otherwise. So regardless it’s good for them to be pushed even if they don’t play the sport professionally

    1. The kid panicked and thought he was about to walk or lose the ball. So he attempted to throw it off the body of another player. This is valid and legal. He just had bad aim, he was aiming for the kids knees. It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t done to harm the other player. No foul. Just unfortunate.


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